Well I cannot tell you the full scope of the information that is emerging from this Chakra series that Nattalia is presenting. The meditations are astounding and the research and knowledge that we are receiving is off the charts.

Margaret McDemott

Thank you so much for who you are and for your sharing of your beingness. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Love and Light, Bruce Bebe, Phayao Permaculture Center, Phayao, Thailand

Dear Nattalia

Many Blessings to you. I loved your interview.
With Love and Gratitude.


Dear Lauren,
Thank you again for bringing in new and seasoned ascension guides. I was particularly energised by Nattalia Estar. She brought in a crisp, high vibe energy of freshness and hope. The message that ‘nothing is taken away from us, until someone better comes our way’ was particularly insightful. I would have loved more activations from her though. To feel and integrate the energies of New Earth and the Future.
Doyel Kar

Nattalia Estar is one of the most unique people I have ever met. Her dedication to serve humanity, her determination to change the world for the better is very admirable. She has change my view of the world and myself and I will be forever grateful for meeting her.

Eric Hagberg