I signed up for Nattalia’s online course and I My overall Health & Well-being has improved tremendously. I now have an Awakened Life. Nattalia’s course has given me a more focused life enabling me to be more productive at work and I am able enjoy food & Eat Healthier Choices. I also have decreased Chronic Pain which gives me more Mobility in my Work-Place and Home environment. I recommend Nattalia’s course to all. It is a wonderful investment and will help ALL individuals find their Life’s Purpose. Thanks Nattalia for your Professional Services and Mostly Thanks For your help in improving my Life. 

Christopher Regina, NY

Nattalia Estar is one of the most unique people I have ever met. Her dedication to serve humanity, her determination to change the world for the better is very admirable. She has change my view of the world and myself and I will be forever grateful for meeting her.

Eric Hagberg

Dear Lauren,
Thank you again for bringing in new and seasoned ascension guides. I was particularly energised by Nattalia Estar. She brought in a crisp, high vibe energy of freshness and hope. The message that ‘nothing is taken away from us, until someone better comes our way’ was particularly insightful. I would have loved more activations from her though. To feel and integrate the energies of New Earth and the Future.
Doyel Kar

Nattalia, I could not believe how I understood everything you were talking about! It was like a piece of the missing puzzle and I knew your information was the next things I had to do. I’m so much more hopeful and happy knowing that your information is exactly what I need at this point in time. I look forward to learning much from your programs. I intend to go on one of your retreats in the future. I’ll listen to the recordings sent and continue to grow my Soul!

Thank you for the work you do.


Nattalia, I thank God for bringing you to my life. I will follow your recommendations. I will let you know about my improvements in healing and also becoming a life coach.

Thanks, Kiana Mahabadi